Online Slots Canada

Online Slots Canada

Free Slots CanadaSlot machines are what gamblers use to spin reels to win money. Combinations of symbols determine if you win or lose. There are many different kinds of slots to play. Some games are simple, with three reels. Alternatively, other games are more complex, with five or even six reels instead. Some games are progressive, meaning they can win you massive amounts of money. Other games are small and have only a few simple combos.

No matter what you are into, casino slots and games will have something for you to review. They even have stories to share as well. You can be a famous explorer finding a lost treasure. Or you can challenge gods to insane tests of might. Find lost worlds to discover and new friends to be made. All is possible with games.

You can play mobile slots all over the world. There are free Canadian online slots, online UK slots and online American slots. All games are ready to play when you register with a casino in that country. You can do it either on mobile or others.

What Are Free Slots?

Online slots first came from the slot machines you can find in casinos. It started with a fruit machine. Other times it can be known as a poker machine. Slots are the short version of it. In particular, slots were first invented by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, New York. In 1891, they created the first slot games using poker cards and a machine that spun them around. Initially, players would put in a nickel and then pull the lever. Then the lever would then spin the reels. When they stopped, they would reveal a poker hand. The better the hand, the bigger the cash prize was rewarded. As a result, the cash would pop out at the bottom. Since then, the slot machine has been developed in all kinds of ways.

The first slots made not online were between 1887 and 1895. They made a simpler version of the poker based one by replacing the cards with symbols. The symbols used were horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a liberty bell. The liberty bell was to be the main target of the game. Hence, it was much easier to use a combo of symbols than the hundreds of hands that could be landed with 52 cards. Liberty Bell was used as the jackpot prize. In that case, the jackpot is the biggest payout of them all. Many slots out there would have something similar to a jackpot prize. It was the bell that became the main selling point for slots. Eventually, it led them to the world of online gambling.

Online slots were first made from 1996 and onwards. In fact, The release of the online slot β€œReel β€˜Em” by WMS Industries was a major milestone. It was the first video online slot that triggered a second screen bonus. This means that a special symbol could be used to activate another online mini game. Afterwards, the mini game would introduce bonus money on top of your regular prizes. This trend is what made all future online slots more and more popular. More software providers began using this trend, making slots with more advanced bonus features. Some have mini games with new instructions. Whereas, others have multipliers to your betting. Online casinos would include special packages like free Canadian slots no deposit deals. Therefore, online slots became a large revenue business. Many people worldwide turn online gambling into a money-making career.

When it comes to the tech used in games, it was no different from making an online video game. A software provider would invest in game developers and ask them to make online slot games. They would always use the basic layout that real life slot machines always have. The main screen comes with the reels on full display. The bottom or side of the reels has buttons. These are used to spin the reels, set the betting or look at the paytable. They then give specific symbols of special functions. A Wild scores for every other symbol. A Scatter activates a bonus feature. Using cool graphics and animations then makes the games pop out more. Soon enough, you have a great online slot that you can gamble for hours. You can do so on a mobile or a computer.

How Do Free Slots Work?

Here is some basic info on how the online free slots work. You can follow the rules simple enough by looking them up on the menu. Mobile will have the menu somewhere else. Most online slots have the same rules you need to follow. Whereas, only some have a few differences. These can be bonus games or special symbols. What you need to know most of all are the terms. They are used to describe parts of the online slot. Furthermore, these terms apply to mobile and desktop versions. Here are the main words to learn:

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The RNG is used to randomly choose something in the product. For a game like online slot machines, this affects things like which symbols appear and their order. It includes which bonuses trigger or even a jackpot. The RNG ensures random outcomes. This technology provides fairness to the gameplay. Because once you spin the slot reels, you don’t know how it will end up. RNG makes an online slot fair for all players. If no one can control the result, then no one can rig the outcome. All players will have an equal chance of winning.
RTP stands for Return To Player. This refers to all the money that players bet in the online slot. RTP works out how likely players are to get all the money back. The rate is calculated based on all the bets placed on a specific machine during its lifetime. RTP can help you figure out if a slot is worth risking it on or not. After all, you don’t want to lose any money. If the game has high RTP, then you have good chances. This implies that you can win back what you have staked and more. The way RTP is worked out is through a percentage. For example, the Book of Ra has an RTP rate of 95%. This means the machine has to pay back 95% of bets players have placed over time. You can check the RTP percentage in the game description.
Β Volatility (variance)
Volatility is related to the winnings of casino slot games. The non-casino game related meaning of the word means things changing rapidly. Simply put, it’s all about how risky the slot is. Bonuses and promotion jackpots contribute to the game volatility rate. A slot with low volatility means low risk but small rewards. A slot with high volatility means more risk but bigger rewards. If players want a more difficult game, they would choose a slot with bigger volatility. It means that more risks and challenges are ahead. If they want an easy game, they go for low ones. There is a medium rating in casino slots, which has both big and small rewards. It is for players that want a challenge but not too much.
Hit Frequency
This is all about how likely it is to win in a casino slot. In other words, how likely it is to land a combo. This can be any kind of winning combo as well. It can be a line-up of three jackpots to a total of five Wilds. This too is also shown as a percentage. For example, if the hit frequency is at 25%, this means that 25% of the time you can win. There are pros and cons to this kind of rating. On the one hand, you can figure out how likely you are to get a win. On the other hand, you don’t know if it will be a high or low win and how long you have to play. Not to mention the range can change thanks to bonuses. A bonus may increase the hit rate by up to 10%. It means a hit frequency can range from 25% to 35%.

Many Types of Free Slots Available in Canada

Here are some examples of free Canadian casino slots. You can play these in casinos found in Canada. Also, you can do so from software providers that have access to Canada. Canadian free slots can be played as a demo or for real money. For the latter, you have to register with the casino first. Here are some examples in different casino genres:

  • Classic 3Γ—3 slots. These are simple slots with 3 reels and usually a single payline. Examples include Jolly Treasures. It has fun pirate games for you to play. It has a simple structure but uses special symbols regardless. Diablo Reels uses fruits as a classic symbol. It has a nice background that goes well with it as well. Ultra Hold and Spin use the hold buttons just like a real slot machine. It also can give a nostalgic feel. Jellyfish Flow has pretty visuals, which make the slot look really pretty on top of it. Disco Danny can play funky music with simple gaming. This gives you pleasant background noise to play to while you spin.
  • Video slots. For more advanced 5Γ—5 games, you can play slots like Thunderstruck II. Use special bonus gods to give you bigger stacks of money. If you want more progressive slots, then Mega Moolah is your pick. A progressive slot like this one has tons of jackpots. In fact, progressive slots have high volatility, so they can be for more skilled gamblers. Girls with Guns brings some raunchy fun your way. Stylish music and insane hijinks galore are also present. Additionally, other progressive games with huge jackpots are also available. An example is League of Fortunes, based on the hit-TV show.
  • 3D slots. Provided thatΒ you want games to pop out at you, Canada has those too. Impressive visuals like Charms and Clovers or Gladiator. These games are all animated like scenes you see in movies. Penguin Splash is a Canada favourite. Here penguins slide up and down the ice slopes. Lost has tons of Egyptian relics that spring to life when you land them. Wish Upon a Jackpot has big prizes waiting behind 3D effects.

Beginner Tips for Online Slots

Here are a few tips to get started with playing online slots in Canada. Firstly, you should always practise playing with free slots. Free slots no registration no download allow you to play without any real money. Playing a demo version will let you understand a game better. Learn all of the rules and learn what the payouts are as well. That way, when you play for real, you know what you are doing. When you start playing for real money, the bonuses are the key. Get the bonus deals or use promotions to get better benefits. These can be Wilds, multipliers, free spins and more of the best boosts available.


To make a long story short, Canada has some of the best slots to play with. From this review, you now know that online slots are the hit games to play. You can find them on mobile, on desktop and other sites from casinos. Actually, there are so many good free online slots with bonus to play on these sites. Some of them are mentioned in this review. All of them were tested by amazing providers. Above all, they are easy to play too. All you have to do is spin the reels and aim for the big wins. Even though, if you want more, you can spin better slots like playing 5Γ—3 games. Those have some good bonuses. The best part about them is that casinos enjoy them a lot. It includes mobile casinos. That is why you almost always find some good promotion bonuses. No deposit bonuses are possible as well. Canada has a great gambling market. You can find good casinos in the country with the best offers and deals. In case If you want great online gaming, then look no further than Canada.

Canadian Slots FAQ

  • How to choose the best online slots in Canada?

Use review sites to see the best slots out there. Find review sites that are specific for Canada only. These will focus on the country and nowhere else.

  • What is the highest RTP for a single slot in Canada?

Mega Joker is the best Canadian slot to start playing with an RTP of 99%, according to a review. Moreover, it is also a progressive slot, meaning it has big jackpots.

  • What are the most popular Canadian slots?

According to a review, the most popular Canada slots to start playing are Thunderstruck II, Mega Moolah, Girls with Guns, League of Fortunes, and Break Away.