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The demand for online casinos has increased in the recent few years worldwide. It has majorly happened due to two reasons: better benefits and no commutation hassle. Canada happens to be no different here. But unlike online gambling in the US, Canadian players need not deal with heavy regulations. The country has kept it more straightforward for its citizens to enjoy the games without compromising their welfare. Due to this ease of playing, approximately 75% to 85% of Canadians participate in some sort of gambling.This high demand for gambling has led to a rise in the number of online casinos in Canada. While it may be beneficial for players like you to choose from various platforms, it can also become confusing about which one to pick. That is why we have written this guide on the best online casino in Canada we have ranked. It will help you learn about the different aspects of these sites to select the best one. We will also discuss these platforms’ legality. Let’s begin!

Best Online Casinos in Canada
Vulkan Vegas Casino
Vulkan Vegas Casino
GGBet Casino
GGBet Casino
Spin Casino
Spin Casino
Jackpotcity Casino
Jackpotcity Casino
Zodiac Casino
Zodiac Casino
Captain Cooks Casino
Captain Cooks Casino
Yukon Gold Casino
Yukon Gold Casino
Golden Tiger Casino
Golden Tiger Casino

Security and Trust Comparison of Our Reviewed Casinos

It is always important for online casinos to have good security. The safety of players is treated with the utmost respect. This is so players can gamble safely with their money. All transactions must be protected from scammers or hackers. Personal information must also be protected, such as email addresses or home addresses. This applies to bonuses too. They must make sure the requirements are safe for players as well. Gamblers will need to know that when they deposit it is being used for the right reasons. A mobile casino will require different methods of security. Both kinds can be provided by licenses.

A license is what assesses the casino’s safety. The licensing bodies make sure that each game runs fairly. That way, all players have equal chances of winning. They provide security software to protect player information. SSL encryption software is what is recommended. 128-bit SSL Encryption is a good example. It creates firewalls to prevent hacking. A security license can also provide safety in other means. Gambling charities can offer services to protect the player’s mental wellbeing. This can help prevent disorders like gambling addiction. Here are the top casinos in Canada with the right security and licenses.

Casino Established in License No. Audits Security Player Protection
Golden Tiger 2000 MGA/B2C/164/2008 eCOGRA 128-bit SSL GamStop
Rich Casino 2008 NA eCOGRA 1024-bit RSA GamCare
Spin Casino 2001 MGA B2C 145/2007 eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware
LeoVegas 2011 39198 LeoSafePlay GDPR BeGambleAware
Yukon Gold Casino 2004 NA eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware
Vulkan Vegas 2016 8048/JAZ2012-009 eCOGRA McAfee GambleAware
Villento Casino 2006 MGA/B2C/164/2008 eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware
Jackpot City 1998 C41970 eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware
All Slots 2000 C45651 eCOGRA 128-bit SSL GambleAware
Captain Cooks 1999 NA eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware
Luxury Casino 2008 MGA B2C 164/2008 eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware
GGBet 2016 8048/JAZ eCOGRA GeoTrust BeGambleAware
Zodiac Casino 1998 NA eCOGRA 128-bit SSL BeGambleAware

How We Evaluate Casinos

Our team of professionals has been dealing with online casinos for quite a long time. They know all the different aspects that they have to evaluate before rating any website. Hence, they can conduct a complete examination of the site and come up with all the crucial factors. These include:

  • Licence: While an unlicensed site may offer you several attractive games, there is no assurance that your money and data will remain secure with them. For this reason, it is crucial to select only authorized websites to play safely with real money.
  • Verified by Auditor: The auditors go through the site’s functioning to ensure their gameplays are fair. When you pick an online platform that has been verified by auditors, you need not worry about any cheating or fraud. You can then conveniently enjoy the games.
  • Game Variety: Different platforms offer various games developed by a variety of providers. Usually, players prefer sites that have an extensive collection of casino games. But you can also choose the one that includes all your favourite game variations. So you will be able to get a better experience there.
  • Customer Support: A friendly and efficient customer support system is a must for all gambling platforms. You can contact them for any confusion while playing or transacting money. They should be reliable enough to solve your issue within time and in the best possible manner.
  • Regular Promotions: The rule here is simple, the more promotions, the more beneficial the site is. However, you need to properly analyze all promotions, such as welcome bonuses and weekly bonuses. Only then can you compare the offers of two different sites.
  • Welcome Bonuses: These are the initial attraction points of any online casino. The site offers you benefits just for signing up on their platform. You can use those benefits to play for free and win significant amounts with or without any initial investments.
  • Massive Jackpots: Some of the websites keep their gaming simple, while others offer jackpots regularly. Even though the risk may be high in these jackpots, they must keep you entertained. You can take part in them whenever you feel extra luck and could win massive amounts of money.
  • Security: The website must follow the latest and most effective security measures to keep its players’ data and money safe from intruders. As hackers are getting smarter, the site needs to maintain its system well to avoid any trouble.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal: There must be various transaction methods to choose from to make it convenient for all players. Plus, the deposit and payout speeds need to be high so that you won’t have to wait to get your money on and from the casino.

Legal Online Casinos in Canada

Firstly you should know that both online and offline casinos are legal in Canada for a long time. Though it was never illegal in the country, the regulations got generated late around 1970. However, you need to be at least 19 years old to participate in these gambling activities. If you are below this mentioned age, you will have to wait for a few years to gamble in Canada legally. You can further check your individual province’s rules to know more about the legal gambling age.

Apart from that, you also have to check the authenticity of the website before getting started. It is where licensing comes into play. Under this, the sites have to obtain an operating licence from an authorized licence issuer. The authentication shows the players that this specific platform is legal and abides by the official rules. Hence, you can play there without any stress. Moreover, your money will remain safer on these sites as compared to the non-authorized ones.

  • Illegal Gambling

According to the current rules, any gambling form that isn’t managed or authorized by Canada’s government falls under the category of illegal. That is why licensing plays a crucial role here. It is the only way you can know whether you are legally gambling or not. But this doesn’t limit your options of playing because there are ample legal sites where you can enjoy.

  • Offshore Casinos

There are some regulatory bodies that provide licences to offshore sites to operate in the country. It means you can play legally on these websites, as well. You can spot the regulator’s logo on the site’s footer. Through that, you will know whether it is legal in the country or not. However, the licence issuer itself should be authorized to do so. Else there won’t be any use of the licence.

  • Province Rules

On the other hand, every province has its own rules and regulations regarding online casinos. While they may be the same in various aspects, there are certainly some factors different for every region. Due to this reason, you have to check your location’s rules for betting online before getting your hands on the site. For example, Alberta people have to opt for offshore websites as there are no state-owned casinos. Contrastingly, British Columbia people can even enjoy state-owned sites along with offshore ones.

You must not miss out on this factor because it ensures that the website you are playing on is authentic and won’t take away your real money. In case some wrongdoing happens, you can report to the authorities for these sites. But you can’t do the same with unregulated or illegal websites.

Casino Licence Issuers That You Can Trust

Along with checking the site’s licence, you also need to look for the issuer that has provided authentication to the site. There are only limited authorized issuers that you can trust. The government has permitted these bodies to do this specific task of legalizing the casinos. If the given platform has obtained its licence from any other organization, you can’t consider it legal in Canada. Some of the reliable names include:

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

This organization works to regulate alcohol, gaming, horse racing, and cannabis retail shops in Ontario. The company has been operating in the province since 1998 and reports directly to the MAG (Ministry of the Attorney General). The regulatory body checks for the honesty and integrity of the legit online casino in Canada based on the principles.

British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

GPEB looks for the integrity of all online gambling platforms that operate in British Columbia. The organization reveals any wrongdoings in these sites to ensure that it is safe for players to enjoy. It also handles the responsible betting programs within British Columbia to help people avoid its addiction. It follows the provincial Gaming Control Regulations, the Gaming Control Act, and Canada’s Criminal Code to authorize the casinos.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been operating since 1999 in Kahnawake’s Mohawk Territory. All the sites functioning in this province have to obtain authorization from the commission to prove their honesty. It looks for fair gaming and proper payouts to the players.

Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority

This regulatory body authorizes gaming, liquor, and amusement activities within the province of Nova Scotia. It checks each of these domains for their integrity and honesty towards the public. Therefore, ensuring that they are safe and fair for people.

Québec Régie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux

The government of Québec has established this board to regulate a number of activities in the province. These include gambling, lottery, racing, alcohol, and publicity contests. Just like all other commissions, this one too looks for the integrity and trustworthiness of a site. Hence, assuring the players that they can play without any trouble.

The sites regulated under these authorities include their logos or information at their footer. You can look for the same if you wish to check the authenticity of the website.

Casino Auditor That You Can Trust

Online gambling sites also get audited now and then for their functioning. The auditors ensure that the platform operates as promised and is safe enough for the players. They also check for various aspects, such as random number generator, software integrity control, accounting, outsourcing, technical consulting, the actual return to the player, etc. Plus, they search for any deficiencies to get rid of them.

But like licence issues, there are limited auditors that you can trust because the officials authorize them. A few reliable names here are:

  • eCOGRA

eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance company look through all aspects of the gambling platform. It comes from the UK and is highly popular in Canada. Almost all players trust the websites audited by this organization.

  • BMM Testlabs

This name has been there in the auditing industry for quite a long time. It majorly focuses on the games, software, RTP, RNG, and other aspects. Thus, ensuring that it conducts fair gaming for all players. It also looks for any issues on the site and works with the operator to fix them. Its experience in the domain is what makes it trustworthy.

  • iTechLabs Company

Coming from Australia, this company checks the quality of the software provided on the website. Along with that, it also looks into online casino games and offers certification for the same. In short, it ensures that the audited site is reliable and excellent for the players to enjoy.

  • GLI

Gaming Laboratories International is based in the US. It looks up the overall functioning of the site to check for any wrongdoings or problems. Some of the aspects covered by it are system security, software integrity, etc. It assures that the given website is safe and honest regarding its operations for you to play without any worries.

  • Certified Fair Gambling

Founded by Eliot Jacobson, the famous Mathematical Sciences doctor, this company practices reliable methods to check the website’s integrity.

  • RSM

This is an international organization that covers several other aspects than just software and gaming of the site. It also looks into tax consulting, accounting, and outsourcing services.

Most sites provide the links and auditor’s logo at their footer after passing the audit. In case you can’t spot either of these, you can check their FAQ section or contact the team directly.

Comparison of Contact Options Available at Recommended Casinos

Contact is another important aspect of online casinos. Players need to be able to contact customer support services. If they have any issues, they would wish for them to be resolved. The best way to resolve an issue is to have a professional at your side. This will be someone at the casino who knows how it works. An employee will have knowledge of how the site works. Some players may just want things explained simpler. An employee may word information in a way they understand.

There are multiple ways for contact to be made. The first and most common method is through telephone. This will be a number that puts you through to the phone of an employee. You can have a voiced conversation in real-time and make info clearer. The second method is through email. An email address can let you send a detailed and worded letter to the casino. You can make things clearer and get a response with clearer wording too. The last and most well-known method is live chat. This is a live chat room where you can send instant messages. Messages sent from both sides can be seen instantly.

Casino Telephone Live Chat E-mail Contact Form Other
Golden Tiger No Yes Yes Yes No
Rich Casino Yes Yes Yes No No
Spin Casino No Yes No No FAQ
LeoVegas No Yes Yes Yes Help Centre
Yukon Gold Casino No Yes Yes Yes No
Vulkan Vegas Yes Yes Yes Yes Home Address
Villento Casino No Yes Yes Yes No
Jackpot City No Yes No No FAQ
All Slots No Yes No Yes FAQ
Captain Cooks No Yes Yes Yes No
Luxury Casino No Yes Yes Yes No
GGBet Yes Yes Yes No No
Zodiac Casino No Yes Yes Yes No

Online Casino Games in Canada

You can find a number of casino games to play on Canadian platforms. These include both classic gambling games and some new ones for online sites. Some of the games you can generally find on these websites are:

  • Slots: Slots machine is the most popular and preferred game due to its ease of playing and high jackpots. The benefit of online playing is that you can get free spins and bonus rounds of the same. Therefore, there will be more chances of winning without much investment.
  • Roulette: Roulette is where you can find a rotating wheel with a small ball in it. You can get different variations of this game, such as American, European, French, and the new Mini. It is both exciting and rewarding.
  • Blackjack: Almost all players extensively love this famous card game. There can be several blackjack variations that you can try out to keep up your excitement and interest in it.
  • Baccarat: Here, the cards of the player and the banker get compared. You can choose from the player, banker, or tie bets. This is a straightforward yet fun game that you must try out if you already haven’t.
  • Keno: If you are a lottery fan, you will find Keno interesting because it is almost similar to lotteries. There may be some variations to see here.
  • Craps: When you get bored of the regular casino games, you can try out this dice game where you need to wager on the roll outcome.
  • Bingo: You are already missing out a lot if you haven’t tried bingo ever. This famous game has made its way to online casinos.
  • Video Poker: You can find a great variety of video poker on online websites. It is the most preferred game in Canada.

Casino Bonuses for Canadian Players

One of the most crucial aspects of online casinos that you must check before signing up is their bonuses. These can be cashbacks, free slot spins, or even free money. There is a different process you need to follow to avail each of these benefits. Most players are usually interested in slot bonuses due to their high rewards. While each site has its kinds of promotional offers, there are some common ones that you can find on all of them. These include:

Welcome Bonus

Platforms generally provide this bonus to attract more players towards them. All you have to do to get this benefit is sign up on the site. Once you register successfully, you will become eligible for it. Then you can follow the mentioned procedure to get the bonus. This is only available once, so you need to ensure that you make the most out of it. You can find several benefits under this bonus like a match bonus, free spins, etc.

Free Spins

This is the most popular among Canadian online casino bonuses. Here you can get free spins for some specific slots or any slot game. You can use the reels to play the specified slots to win significant amounts further. Don’t confuse these with free playing. Instead, you can play here online casino games that pay. There may be some wagering requirements for this bonus. You must look for that before opting for it.

No Deposit Bonus

Canadian online casino no deposit bonus is the bonus where you can benefit without depositing money on the platform. You simply have to either register or follow some guidelines of the site. It will provide you with the free amount in your site account or other benefits. Players keep their eyes on this bonus because they can get the perks for free here. There are no deposit requirements.

Loyalty Bonus

Last but not least is the loyalty bonus. To get this, you have to become loyal to the platform and play games on it regularly. Once the site realizes that you are a dedicated player, you will become eligible for this reward. Hence, there are two benefits here, regular enjoyment and the bonus.

You can also find some other best online casino bonuses in Canada.

Payment Available for Canadian Casino Players

Payments on online clubhouses can become a hectic task if the platform includes only limited options. Here, you will have a problem finding your preferred choice for deposits. That is why experts recommend selecting a website that provides you with a long list of payment options to choose from. In this way, you won’t have to worry about depositing money at any point in time. You can simply visit a cashier and do it. Some common payment methods available for Canadian players are:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • E-Wallets
  • Pre-Paid Cards
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Mobile Payment
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Instant Banking

Remember, some of these options may include additional charges. You must look into that factor before opting for it. Otherwise, you will end up paying more than necessary. Plus, you can use methods like cryptocurrency and e-wallets to make your gambling payments untraceable to your bank account. This won’t be a problem for you if you want to play free online casino games for fun no download.

Problem Gaming and Gaming Addictions in Canada

While online betting platforms seem fun to everyone, they can also become problematic to some people. This happens because they fail to control their betting limits. They keep on playing until they have nothing to bet with. What makes the matter worse is that people don’t realize when they move from having fun to addiction. If you are already dealing with wagering addition, you need to get professional help from dedicated organizations. Else you can follow these tips not to get addicted:

  • Keep a separate bankroll for betting and stop as soon as that amount gets over.
  • Don’t let boredom drive you to wager as it will soon become a habit and then addiction.
  • Try on other things to spend your free time and don’t get stick with betting on online sites.
  • Don’t let any particular game tempt or overwhelm you.
  • Take breaks from online wagering every now and then.


In a nutshell, we can say that you need to check different aspects of an online betting platform, such as licencing, banking, security, and bonuses. However, remember that even an unauthorized platform can show all these factors to you. Then you need to examine the regulatory bodies that they have mentioned on their site. In case of any confusion, don’t hesitate to contact their team. This way, you will know how well they tackle their players. You can also check the best online casino reviews in Canada to learn more about them.


Is online casino legal in Canada?

Yes, online betting platforms are legal in Canada. Still, you need to check your specific province’s guidelines for the same.

Is it safe to play online casino games in Canada?

It is safe to play wagering games in Canada only if you select licenced platforms to play on.

At which age is it legal to play casino games?

The legal gambling age in Canada is 19.

How can players deposit Canadian online casinos?

There are several ways to deposit on Canadian betting sites, such as:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Mobile Payment
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Instant Banking
  • E-Wallets
  • Pre-Paid Cards
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Can online casinos refuse to payout?

No licenced betting platform can ever refuse to payout if you have followed all their guidelines of withdrawal.

Which Canadian banks allow gambling?

The four major Canadian banks that allow you to gamble online are:

  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)