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Ali Baba Slot

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  • Artistic design that follows a delightful fairy-tale
  • Exciting bonus symbols for extra multipliers
  • Re-triggering free spins to keep the wins coming
  • High wins with Scatter bonuses
  • No detailed animations or special graphics
  • Big wins rely heavily on multipliers
  • Too many bonuses to activate for big wins

Online Ali Baba Slot Overview

Provider: Leander Games
Game type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20

Bonus rounds:

Wild symbol
Scatter symbol
Bonus Game
Progressive: No
RTP 95.39%
Min bet: 1
Max bet: 200
Autoplay option: No
Multiplier: No
Devices: Android

Play Ali Baba slot game, created by Leander Games. The game hopes to take you to the Arabian deserts. This 5×3 reel slot game has up to 20 paylines for you to win on. RTP is expected at 96.59% with action-packed gaming. Slot machine Ali baba is based on an Arabian fairy tale, more specifically, the character’s story with the 40 thieves. There are also other elements from other Arabian tales. The reels will be active in a way that resonates with the theme—allowing you to win riches similar to a thief from the story. It is possible to win over 2,500x your initial stake hidden in the tombs. Leander Games (also known as Leander studios) has an impressive selection. Their games include dozens of chances for high wins. As operators go, they come in creative bundles. They already have over 284 games in their portfolio. Their designs separate them from ordinary free video slot games.

Ali Baba Slot Leander Games

Online Ali Baba Slot Machine Theme & Design

Ali Baba slots are all about reliving the fairy tale. A casino will always love these stories. From the moment the game starts, you will be transported to the desert, the same desert that the thieves aim to find treasure. The tumbling reels will be like sand falling down. The border will be in the shape of a temple, similar to the tombs the thieves explore. In gambling, every win can unlock a new opening—a way to delve deeper into the temple, unleashing the magic of the jewels. Make sure to avoid your thieving rivals in the process. But luckily, you have your princess and monkey to help you. The gameplay works as if telling the tale. As you spin the casino reels, you will flip the next page finding new treasures in exchange for combinations. As long as you land the same symbol in a combo, reels will turn like a wheel. They will expose new opportunities to take. The bonus features can make the story more interesting, triggering magical chances for you to take advantage of. This is what makes the game so bright and colourful as well as animated with its handsome characters. Ali Baba himself will help you score the best prizes aided by his loyal companions. Players will enjoy the fairy-tale aspect. It ties in very well with the bonus content. Whether it is spinning another wheel or gambling, every aspect is dedicated to keeping you immersed. It lets you find fun in the real money version and when you play Ali Baba slots online for free.

Ali Baba Casino Game Features, Symbols and Rules

Use the gameplay setting below the reel grid to decide your bet. You can adjust how many coins you use or the value of coins—setting the way that you want. The minimum bet you can place is 0.01. The maximum bet you can place is a total of 100.00. Once the bet is made, you can spin the reels. To win, you must land a combination. Hitting the same symbol three or more times results in a win. You can win multiple prizes by tumbling a combo on multiple paylines. Try out other features as well, such as setting the max bet automatically. Or else, use the auto mechanic to spin automatically, setting a pre-made bet beforehand. A paytable is a great tool to have. For all your casino needs, you can use this to check how much a symbol is worth. The reason why is because it can change. It changes when you change your bet. Make sure to check it accordingly. Here is what you can win with a bet of 1.00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3 to 5 of a Kind)
Flute 4 – 60
Knife 5 – 70
Ring 10 – 100
Beetle 15 – 120
Snake 20 – 150
Camel 25 – 250
Monkey 3 – 300 (2x to 5x)
Thief 4 – 800 (2x to 5x)
Ali Baba 5 – 2,500 (2x to 5x)

Bonus features can be found all over. Here are a few to get you started.

Ali Baba Slot Bonus Game

  • The Wild is the princess of the story. She can substitute other symbols for more chances to win—all except for the Scatter. The Scatter is the crown jewels. These can be landed anywhere to score a payout without being in a combination. The payout can go up to 100 coins, separate from the original winnings. Another special symbol can also be used – the Gold or Bandit bonus. Land three of these bonuses to trigger it. They can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When landed, they can trigger 1 to 3 Protections to any award randomly. It means a new separate treasure can be yours.
  • A mini-game will start once the bonus symbol activates. You will have a choice between six vases. Whichever one you pick will reward a new win. This extra goodie will multiply your total winnings granting you more than what you previously had won.
  • If you want free spins, this is also a separate symbol. These can land on reels 1, 3 and 5. Land all three to say the words, “Open Sesame.” This will reward you with free spins to use. You can retrigger these by doing the same thing again.

The official RTP is calculated at 96.59%. RTP stands for Return to Player. This means it figures how much you can win. With RTP like this, there is more than likely a chance to win. The volatility is also set to medium and can also go high. This means that you can start risking more for bigger prizes. This is perfect for veterans. Mainly because they are used to high-risk plays. For beginners, the medium setting is perfect. It sets a fair challenge for everyone, regardless of player skill. You can happily play Ali Baba on mobile devices. These devices allow for quicker use. The game is completely compatible with smaller screens. Not to mention, you have the ability to play anywhere you want. You can play on devices such as smartphones or tablets. These types of platforms can be found on Android or Apple. As long as they support HTML5, it is doable. You can download the app version from their respective stores—places like Google Play Store or the Apple store. Downloading the app can be faster to access. They can be installed to activate instantly, letting you get straight to the game without hassle.

Biggest Win

The biggest win from standard symbols is 2,500 coins. Combine this with multipliers, and you can win massive rewards. This is from activating most of the bonus features. Start with the free spins. These will help get your spins to last longer, allowing you to stay on a single bet. Then you can gather the bonus symbols. If you make the correct choice, you can gain a huge multiplier. Apply this to all your spins, and the rewards will flow. Wilds can get you better chances of a winning streak. Use all three types to succeed. It’s a big risk, but it’s necessary for the more significant rewards.

Ali Baba Slot Review

Ali Baba online slot is what you want from this kind. Arabian knight tales are always fascinating. And this slot uses that to its fullest advantage. Every bonus is connected to a part of the tale allowing you to get stuck in the story. Not to mention the artwork is very well done. The characters are drawn in incredible poses. If you want something that is suitable for beginners and veterans, this is perfect for both. You can play Ali Baba slots online for free to practise in the demo. The Ali Baba free online slot works the same as the real thing. It is the best place to get experience before the real money version. And the demo won’t risk your finances.


  • What are the key features of Ali Baba?

The bonus symbols can use vases. These grant multipliers to award big prizes while gaming.

  • What is the RTP of Ali Baba?

RTP is set at 96.59%. It is true for both the real money version and the free online Ali Baba slot machine.

  • Can I play Ali Baba for real money?

Register for a casino account to play for real cash. Playing free Ali Baba slot machine online won’t offer real cash.

  • Which bonus type is available for Ali Baba?

Free Spins can be won by landing three of their respective symbols. Open Sesame to unlock more spins and bigger winning streaks.

  • Where can I play Ali Baba?

A recommended list can be found here by the review dealer.