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Big Ben Slot

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  • British culture brought to life. All through great artwork
  • Free Spins can be retriggered to continue the number of wins
  • Multipliers can go up to 500x, meaning massive prizes
  • Bonuses can be combined together for better usage
  • Simplistic animations. Far too 2-Dimensional
  • High wins need the bonuses to be effective. Without them, not much can be made
  • More features like the wheel of fortune needed for more interactivity

Big Ben Casino Game Features, Symbols and Rules

Provider: Aristocrat
Game type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25

Bonus rounds:

Wild symbol
Scatter symbol
Free Spin
Bonus Game
Progressive: No
RTP 95.54%
Min bet: 0.01
Max bet: 50
Autoplay option: Yes
Multiplier: Yes
Devices: Android

Play Big Ben slot game, created by the developers of Aristocrat Gaming, set in the country of England where the monument stands. Follow this 5×3 slot machine with up to 25 paylines. Enjoy an RTP of 95.54% for fun challenges. Slot machine Big Ben is based on the famous London landmark. The tower of Big Ben will have you climbing its gears, tumbling the reels to strike midnight. The aim is to claim the big reward that lies at the end. Many of the symbols will be based on British culture. Winning bonus games creates new chances to enjoy yourself. You could win over 30,000 coins by playing. Aristocrat is a creative bunch. Compared to other operators, they enjoy new ideas, creating games that are inspired by rare places. Games like this one are based on real-life countries. You can play Big Ben slots online for free, as well as any other demo-all from their own website.

Online Big Ben Slot Machine Theme & Design

Big Ben slots contain all sorts to gawk at. The main attraction, of course, is the clock tower. It is a true symbol of Britain, a place that many people know from all over the world. It is one of the first sites that tourists try and see. In this game, this is brought to its fullest. The reel grid is simple enough. It resonates with the primary colours of the British flag. After that, there come the symbols. Each one is a part of the British culture, from teas to the Queen’s Guard. These are a type of things you will see when you come and visit the country. Take part in history while you are gambling. For gameplay, expect standard rules. A 5×3 reel slot has basic functions of its kind. Place a bet to spin reels. Once they begin tumbling, you can start hitting symbols. Land the same symbol three or more times in a row to win. The best prizes will come from higher value symbols. You win more the more you bet. The bonus features can come in handy when you play. They tie into the theme and create better immersion, especially if you love all things British. When you play Big Ben slots online for free, the same system will occur. Except it’s a demo, so it’s free. What players will enjoy most is the aesthetic. It keeps true to the British style throughout, even when bonus content is activated. The style is never lost. Those who are fans of this culture will find it very pleasing, especially with a winning streak. You will be having so much fun, and the cash can be a cherry on top.

Big Ben Casino Game Features, Symbols and Rules

You have to first register with an online casino to bet. This is so you can make a deposit. Once a deposit is made, bets can be made. The minimum bet you can make is a total of 0.01. Exchange rates will apply. Change the bet settings below the reel grid, adjusting the number of coins and the value of the coins. You can also use an auto bet feature. This lets you start gambling automatically with a pre-determined bet. You can press a button to set it to max bet right away. The main objective is to land the same symbol three times in a row, either on one payline or multiple. There are 25 paylines to land on. The paytable can be very useful. It can show what every symbol is worth. However, their worth can change. This happens whenever you set a different bet. Make sure to keep checking so you know what you can win. Here is what you can win:

Symbol description Symbol value (3x to 5x)
9 2 – 100 (2x to 5x)
10, J, Q 5 – 100
K 5 – 125
Tavern 10 – 250
Lamp 12 – 250
Phonebooth 15 – 400
Bus 20 – 500
Flag, Crown 2 – 800 (2x to 5x)

Here is the rundown on bonus features.

  • Big Ben is the Scatter. The Scatter can be landed anywhere on the reels. It doesn’t need to be in a combination. Landing them will trigger the Free Spins Feature. Depending on how many you land will determine the spins. You can gain either 15, 20 or 25 free spins. If you score a combination during these, the reward is doubled, giving you better chances to win. Any new Scatters that appear can do the same thing continuing the free spins for as long as possible.
  • Landing Big Ben on both reels 1 and 5 will trigger something else. A stake multiplier will be applied to wins. Every time the clock chimes, it increases. One toll it will multiply by 2x. The bell will then keep tolling for every hour. If it reaches the 12th toll, the biggest multiplier will apply—a massive reward of 500x. The chiming is important. It will only happen as long as towers stay on the reels.
  • A Wild can also be used for better chances. These are shown as the London Guards. The men can substitute other symbols. Meaning they can fill in gaps for a possible combo. Use them whenever you get a hold of them.

RTP and Mobile Compatibility Big Ben Slot

RTP for the game is calculated at 95.54%. Return to Player is an important statistic. It lets you know how likely you are to win, at least, the amount of cash you have already bet. With this rating, it is below average. However, this can be seen as a fun challenge for veterans. The volatility is also crucial to know. This is set to medium. This means there are fair chances when it comes to risking money and fair odds of winning big too. It is suitable for both beginners and veterans. This can be the perfect game for anyone, whether starting your gambling journey or harnessing your skills. Mobile devices are perfectly acceptable for the game. The software is completely compatible. Meaning you can play on multiple types of devices, from smartphones to tablets. You can find these platforms available from Android and Apple. You don’t need to worry about a downgrade in quality. The graphics will still be in high-def. And the gameplay will be smoother than ever. You can download the app for better access. Letting you play from anywhere instantly. Be wary that a separate account might need to be made, which means you can gain other casino bonuses as long as it remains installed on your device.

Biggest Prizes

The highest amount you can win can reach over 30,000 coins. This is huge in comparison to the standard wins. To achieve this, it has to be from the bonuses combining both free spins and multipliers. First, you should aim for the free spins. Multipliers can only be triggered through two reels, making it rare. Activate free spins to extend the wheel turning, giving you plenty of room to land them. Once done so, hold onto them for as long as you can. Keep the chimes coming to reach the 500x multiplier. Then big rewards will head your way.

Big Ben Slot Review

Big Ben online slot has just what you need. Everything is for everyone – great standard prizes, carefully laid bonuses and a goal to aim for long-term players. This added challenge can be just the thing for anyone to test their luck. Learn more about intricate features – things you can find in other games by Aristocrat Gaming. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still aim for smaller spoils. Working your way up with experience, try to play Big Ben slots online for free. The Big Ben free online slot can provide perfect practice available straight from the operator’s website.


  • What are the key features of Big Ben?
    • The Twin tower feature. It can be used to gain massive multipliers up to 500x.
  • What is the RTP of Big Ben?
    • RTP is at 95.54%. That is true for both real money versions and for free online Big Ben slot machines.
  • Can I play Big Ben for real money?
    • Register with an online casino to earn real money, which is not possible with a free Big Ben slot machine online.
  • Which bonus type is available for Big Ben?
    • Free Spins come with a Scatter. It can be re-triggered for extra spins.
  • Where can I play Big Ben?
    • Check a recommended list of casinos from the review site or the review website itself.