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Blood Slot

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Blood Slot Info

Provider: Apollo Games
Game type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 30

Bonus rounds:

Wild symbol
Scatter symbol
Free Spin
Bonus Game
Progressive: No
RTP 95%
Min bet: 0.1
Max bet: 50
Autoplay option: Yes
Multiplier: Yes
Devices: Android

Play Blood online to discover the legend of deadly vampires. Apollo Games creates an online slot where you uncover dark secrets on a 5×3 reel grid. There is a total of five paylines to win on and stake these bloodsucking creatures. Use the expanding Wild symbol to trigger transformations across multiple symbols. Like all Apollo Games, a multi-level jackpot is also a feature. Have fun with a little gothic horror in the perfect Halloween slot game. The RTP for this is calculated at around 94.36%. Settings are adjustable, and the game can be played in up to five different languages.

Blood Slot Machine

Describing Blood Slot Machine

Blood is best described as a great homage to classic horror. The pure, gothic aesthetic is dedicated to every facet of the game, from the menu to the reel grid. The entire game is designed to suck you into a horrifying setting filled with monsters. There will be different vampires you will see represented as symbols. Accompanying them will also be different ways to kill them. You may be familiar with garlic and crosses. These two will act as methods to win prizes. The traditional card numbers will be spelled in a gothic font.

When the game starts, the classic music will start playing. Every combination will result in animation from the symbols. The vampires who come out will bear their fangs and glowing eyes. The crosses and weapons will pulsate with the magic they wield. Even opening the menu will show off the sickening artwork—a pool of blood filled with the heads of all their victims. Blood adds to the bonuses, with an incredible presentation. The provocative imagery may be grotesque, but this is added benefit since gambling is made for adults as long as the player isn’t squeamish about blood.

Benefits of Playing Blood Slot Game

Blood features a few ways to earn a big win in this game. It plays like a classic slot machine already. This means you can regularly spin the reels to score combinations. Land higher valued symbols to gain a bigger prize at the end. If you land the Wild symbol, you can trigger its special promotion. This can help you gain more chances of winning money. The big jackpot feature comes right from the software provider. This means you can expect it to integrate seamlessly with the gameplay.

The Paytable

Utilize the paytable to see all your vampire-hunting options. It is also a place where you can see what available prizes there are. It will even show how many are needed for bigger rewards. Altering your bet in any way will cause these values to change. This is so that it fits the payout rate. The minimum bet that you can make in the game is a total of 0.20. the maximum bet you can make goes up to 60.00. Make sure to check which version you are playing for the currency rate. Canada will use Canadian dollars for their version. Here is what you can win when you make a bet of 50.00:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
J, Q 50 – 200
A, K 100 – 400
Garlic, Cross 150 – 800
Stake in heart 200 – 1,600
Coffin 150 – 3,200 (2x to 5x)
Lady vampire 200 – 6,400 (2x to 5x)
Bat 300 – 12,800 (2x to 5x)
Lord vampire 400 – 25,000 (2x to 5x)

Bonus Features of Blood Casino Game

Blood is a game filled with bonuses thanks to Apollo Games HTML5 software. While it may come off as a simple game, the features included grant you better overall odds. To get started with, the Wild symbol is where you will begin these features. This Wild is represented by the pool of blood used by the vampires. It can act as a substitution for all other symbols. This means that gaps can be filled in for multiple possible combinations. Another feature that the Wild symbol has is the ability to expand. The Expanding Wild symbol transforms multiple symbols in the reel grid into the same symbol. This means you can score a lot of wins on the five paylines.

The Multi-Level Jackpot is a feature that comes with many Apollo Games slots. This is a special jackpot prize that is handed out in three tiers. You can win either bronze, silver, or gold jackpots. Online casinos will include these as part of their promotions. If you want to increase your winnings another way, you can use the Gamble Feature. The Gamble feature can be triggered by pressing the GAMBLE button after every win. You will offer up your winnings as an extra stake in a mini-game. Complete the mini-game, and you will earn double that amount you wagered. If you lose the game, you will lose what you have won from that previous spin.

Blood Slot Machine Paytable

Tips and Strategies

Increasing your chances of winning should be your top priority. There is no better way to do this than with the power of the Wild. Not only does it act as a substitute, but it can also use Expanding features. This can further improve the odds of winning by affecting multiple symbols. You could score a combo on all five paylines with the Expanding Wild. If you ever need that extra money, the Gamble feature can be a great opportunity. However, it is still an extra risk. Try to use it if you feel confident in your chances.

If you ever need to practice such methods, try free play out and see for yourself. The free slot no download version can be found on the official website of Apollo Games. You can also find this demo on the online review sites. The point of the demo is that you can play the game without spending any real money. That way, you can spend as much time as you want on the game with no losses to your finances. You may just want to play the game for fun as well.

Software Provider Apollo Games

Apollo Games is an upcoming provider that has succeeded in recent years. They are all about creating modern slot machines with fresh new ideas, especially when it comes to the detail and design of their slots. Even the music is something they care about a lot. Some of the most cutting-edge releases have made their portfolio more popular. Many top-end, online casinos have asked for their games to be included in the roster. This counts for the land-based casinos as well. This has kept Apollo Games ahead in the market for some time.


Blood is your classic gothic horror game made real. This is the perfect slot machine for those looking for that dark edge to their online gambling. The bonuses make for some exciting combinations, too, with great animation of blood-transforming symbols. The design choices can be felt in almost every facet of the gameplay, as it commits to vampire horror all the way. Make sure to take full advantage of the Multi-Level Jackpot used in Apollo Games casinos. This can give you even bigger prizes on top of an already fantastic slot game.

Blood Slot FAQ

  • Can you play Blood for free?

It is possible to play for free using the official site of Apollo Games. Visit an online review site for a demo as well.

  • What bonuses does Blood have?

Use the Expanding Wild symbol for substitutions and expanding combinations. Use the Gamble feature for a chance to double your winnings.

  • Can you play Blood for real money?

Play at any online casino connected to Apollo Games. These may include extra promotions for in-game bonuses.

  • What other titles have been made by Apollo Games?

Try out other great games with cutting-edge technology—games like Slot Ghosts, Crystal Miners, and Gangster World.