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Live casino dealer games offer you the chance to visit a real casino without leaving the comfort of your home. If you’re complaining that there aren’t enough casinos in Canada or you have to drive for hours to visit the nearest casino, we’re sure you’ll love this technology. That is, thanks to live casinos, you can try your luck against a real dealer wherever and whenever you want. Moreover, you can participate not only in games but also in game shows. Did we catch your attention? If so, keep reading. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about live dealer casino games.

Live Casino Online

How Does a Live Casino Game Work?

Live dealer games are actually live broadcasts made from a real casino. The setup is simple. There are dedicated studios that offer these games. They hire a building and fill it with game tables. Each table is covered with multiple webcams. A dealer starts a video broadcast over the internet, and anybody from anywhere in the world can join that broadcast. It is like making a video call. The only difference is you can interact with the dealer in real-time.

When you click a button (for example, the “hit” button in blackjack), the dealer sees it in real-time and understands what your decision/bet (or side bet) is. The rest is simple. You are still playing regular casino games (i.e., casino hold’em, texas hold’em, baccarat, roulette), and the rules are the same. The big difference is, you are doing this against a real person with other real people in real-time. Other players can join the same table and play with you. All they need is an internet connection. In addition to classic table games, you can participate in game shows such as dream catcher and double ball. In short, it is quite easy to play live casino games.

What Should New Players Expect from Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer online games are amazing, and they offer you a truly different experience. However, like everything in life, they have pros and cons too. If you are a beginner, you should know about these before starting to play at a live dealer casino.

You can get the authentic casino experience Slot games are not part of this ecosystem
You can play with other people The minimum bet limits are slightly higher
You can interact with other people and the dealer You have a limited time to decide
You can still take advantage of welcome bonuses (and other casino bonus offers)
You don’t need to learn the rules of the games again

Best Live Casino Games You Can Play Right Now

Live casino games offer enough variety. You can play dozens of classic casino games, their variants and try your luck in game shows. With the exception of slots, all games you can see in an online casino are available in live casinos too. New players can still use bonuses and promotions for their first deposit and get an advantage. In other words, you have lots of options when it comes to playing live casino games and feel free to try them all. However, if you cannot decide, we are ready to help you. We believe that these are your best (and most popular) options if you want to play live dealer games.

Live Texas Hold Em Games

When it comes to real table games, high rollers always prefer poker. Texas Holdem is the most popular variant of this game. This is a community poker variant, so you will try to form the best hand possible by using the cards on your hand and the table. You can also try your luck in different variants such as ultimate texas hold’em and three-card poker.

Live Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos, and its live version is quite popular too. You can play all basic roulette variants and a couple of exotic options (i.e., blackjack roulette) against real dealers. We recommend starting with European and French variants of live roulette. Make sure to use a basic strategy!

Live Blackjack Games

Live dealer blackjack is among the most popular card games, and new customers almost always start with it. This is normal. Blackjack is an easy game to learn and offers the highest RTP. But it is also the hardest one to master. You are trying to reach 21 points or beat the dealer. You can play lots of blackjack variants (i.e., perfect pairs) against real dealers.

Live Baccarat Games

Baccarat is the “distant cousin” of blackjack. This time, you are trying to reach 9 points in total or beat the other player/dealer. There are many promotions you can use to play this game and lots of variants you can try. We especially recommend checking no commission baccarat games.

Live Casino Games

Live Dealer Tips and Tricks for Players in Canada

  • Live casino games still have the same rules, which means you can still use the same tactics and strategies. Make sure to use a strategy in each game and never rely only on your luck.
  • Remember that you have limited time to decide. If you can’t decide within a specific time limit (usually 10 seconds), you will be deemed to have “passed” (skipped) that round.
  • Read expert reviews to learn more about the latest live casino games, especially game shows. Some of them may have quite innovative rules.
  • Take advantage of bonus offers after creating a new account. Casino bonuses work on live dealer games too.
  • Remember that you still need to gamble responsibly.
  • Check customer support, game collection, deposit methods, license, and banking options before picking a live casino.
  • Classic games without side bets usually offer higher RTP. Game shows, on the other hand, usually offer the lowest RTP.
  • You can chat with your table friends and the dealer but watch your language and remember that not everyone may be in a chatty mood.
  • Remember that you can list the games according to their table limits. This way, you can find the perfect game that suits your bankroll.

Best Mobile Device to Play Live Casino Games

Mobile live dealer casinos are pretty common because this technology can work on any device with a browser. While there are some dedicated apps out there, you don’t need to use them. Instead, you can simply use the browser of your mobile device. In this regard, any portable device that can connect to the internet and includes a browser can be used to play live casino games. You can see some examples below.

Android Devices

The main advantage of Android devices is that you can manually install third-party apps. Lots of live casinos offer their mobile apps on their site instead of the Play Store. Android users can simply download this APK file and install it on their phones/tablets. However, once again, you don’t need these apps. You can still use your device’s browser.

iPhone Devices

The main option for iPhone users to play live casino games is to use their device’s browser. There are applications that you can use for this purpose on the App Store, but they are limited in number and subject to geographical restrictions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install third-party applications on iPhones, so using the browser directly would be a more practical option.

iPad Tablets

The information we give for iPhones also applies to iPads. Both devices use the iOS operating system and the same app store. In other words, playing live casino games using your browser will be your main option for this device as well. However, this job will be a much more enjoyable experience, thanks to the screen size.

Play at Top Live Casinos Right Now

Live dealer casinos offer fun, profits, and an authentic casino experience no matter where you are in the world. They also allow you to socialize – it is like visiting a real casino from the comfort of your home! This article includes everything you need to know about starting your live dealer games adventure, including a list of recommended casinos. Keep visiting us to see our latest recommendations. We are your best source when it comes to playing at live online casinos!

FAQ about Live Dealer Gambling

  • What online casinos have live dealers?

Nowadays, the majority of online casino sites offer a “live” category, which means there are also many live casinos you can play. To find the best ones, check our recommended casinos section. We already picked the best live dealer casino sites for you.

  • What is a live dealer casino?

An online casino that offers games that can be played against real dealers in real-time is defined as a “live dealer casino.” In other words, live casino titles are just other games offered by the casino website, but due to their unique features, they get their own category.

  • Are live dealers real?

Yes. The dealers are real, and everything you see on the screen is happening in real-time. Playing real live dealer games is like joining a video stream. You play with other real people against a real person. Real cards, real money, real winnings. It is an authentic casino experience.

  • Are live dealer casinos rigged?

As long as you play on licensed and reputable websites, no, live online casino games are not rigged. They don’t have a random number generator, of course, but they have pit bosses to check for irregular gameplay, just like a real casino. They are also audited by independent agencies for fairness.

  • Are the live dealers in online casinos really live?

Yes. You are actually joining a real-time video broadcast that offers you different camera angles. This is not a pre-recorded stream: everything on the screen happens in real-time, and there are other players too. A dealer is a real person, and the stream comes from a real casino.

  • Is Live casino online safe?

Games live are completely safe and fun if you are playing at licensed and legal casinos with a good reputation. The software provider of these games is also licensed and audited by official agencies. These institutions check each game and make sure the players are treated fairly.

  • What are online live casinos?

These are regular online casinos with games that involve real dealers. You can still play classic casino games, use bonuses, and take advantage of deposit offers. However, you can also try your luck against real dealers in real-time too. They offer an authentic experience.