No Deposit Bonus

While all bonuses in online casinos are beneficial, most of them require some sort of investment from your side. In short, you get more than what you give from these bonuses. But if you wish to get benefits without risking your own money, you should look out for a no deposit bonus.

Casinos specially design these promotional offers to attract new players towards a platform. Under a no deposit bonus, you just have to register on the given online casino or do a particular task as suggested by the casino. Then you can get at least these three benefits:

  • Free Cash
  • Free Slot Spins
  • Free Chips

You can use them for playing and win without putting in any real money. The only restriction you can find here is of the games you can use the bonus on. So you must read about all the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus before getting started. This way, you will know what you are signing up for.

How Do We Rank No Deposit Bonus?

You can’t merely list the no deposit bonuses. They all have their own terms that make them different from one another. For this reason, we have to consider several factors before ranking various no deposit schemes. These aspects mostly include:

  • Benefits: The very first determining factor is the total amount of privileges offered under the bonus scheme. For example, some of the casino platforms provide only a small amount of free cash, while others offer free spins worth a significant amount. Hence, we analyse the entire promotion to see which one is more beneficial for the players.
  • Security: No bonus in the online casino world is worth putting your money and information into danger. That is why it is critical to check whether a chosen casino is secure, licensed, and regulated by renowned authorities. Only then can you enjoy the games on the platform without any worries.
  • Games: As stated earlier, you may not be able to use your ‘no deposit bonus’ on all the casino games. So we have to go through the list of eligible games and see whether they will interest the players or not. A fantastic collection of games under the bonus scheme brings the casino to the top.
  • Terms and Conditions: Some websites put on the no deposit bonus only to attract the players. When you go through the offer’s terms and conditions, you find that it doesn’t offer many benefits. Therefore, we need to analyse this aspect as well to ensure that the players will get what exactly they expect.
  • Compatibility: The number of players who wish to play on the go has increased significantly nowadays. Due to this reason, it is crucial to check whether the given casino is compatible with multiple devices or not.
  • Banking: From deposits to withdrawals, a player shouldn’t face any trouble on our recommended platforms. So we go through the available banking options, along with the banking procedures. This helps us ensure that the banking system is reliable and friendly.
  • Customer Care: Last but not least is the customer support team of the site. The team should be reliable and helpful for all players who need their assistance.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

Almost every casino offers several bonuses to its new and existing players, so they keep playing on the platform. No deposit bonus stands out here because you need not put your real money at risk in these. However, there may be some non-monetary requirements for these promotions, such as signing up on the website. Apart from this, no deposit schemes are entirely free.

Types of No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit scheme can be of different types, based on the player’s benefit. Some common kinds you can find on different casinos are:

Free Cash

You just need to register on the given online casino website, and you will get a small amount of cash in your account. You can use this money to play some specified games. This is almost like using your real money, so there is a chance to win big.

Free Spins

Some of the casinos also provide you with free spins dedicated to some of the popular slots. They aren’t like free play; you do have a chance to win here.

Free Table Chips

To promote their table games, casinos could also offer free table chips under the no deposit bonuses. You can use them on specified tables.

Casino Game Credits

These are the credits dedicated to gambling on certain games. You can utilise it for that purpose only.

Loyalty Points

You will be able to obtain some amazing benefits under the loyalty program with these points.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes for Existing Players

Various online casinos keep their no deposit bonuses for new players. But if you are lucky enough, you may even find a no deposit scheme after playing on the platform for a while. You will get these in the circumstances like:

● When you are away from the casino for a long time, they mail these bonuses to bring you back.

● When you continuously play at the casino, they may provide you with free benefits as a loyalty bonus.

● When you download or signup for their mobile platform

Apart from these, the existing plates may not get free perks from the casino.

No Deposit Bonus Mobile

Mobile applications are usually beneficial for casinos, as they keep the players more engaged. That is why they promote playing on apps more than websites. Hence, you can conveniently find a no deposit bonus for mobile apps. For these, you just need to download the app, register on it, use the code, and get the benefit.

Through mobile applications, you will also get the benefit of playing on the go. It means you won’t have to stick around to your desktop all the time. You can simply turn on your phone and start playing from any place.

No Deposit Bonus Codes Mobile

Mostly, mobile casinos have exclusive no deposit bonus codes. You can either find them online or check with the casino platform for the same. In case of confusion, contact the support team and ask them for the code.

Exclusive No Deposit Bonus Codes for Canadian Players

Bonuses Outside of Canada

You can also find no deposit bonus outside of Canada. However, we have exclusively dedicated all the codes and rewards mentioned here to the Canadian players. Depending on the casino platform, they will probably not work in any other region. Therefore, you need to search for bonuses available in your country and follow them.

Why Do Casinos Give No Deposit Bonus?

Most people will tell you that casinos provide a bonus for their benefit only. But this isn’t entirely correct. These platforms seek both their and their players’ benefit through these promotional offers. We will cover both sides here so that you will know the exact motive for giving out these free bonuses.

How Players Benefit

In simple terms, we can state that payers can get three benefits through these no deposit bonuses. These perks include:

  • Free Trial: With the free bonus, you can try out different games in the casino. You won’t have to worry about naive playing here because your own money isn’t involved yet. Once you get a grip on playing, you can move on to deposits.
  • No Real Money Risk: These bonuses will enable you to avoid the risk of losing your real money. You can simply play with the benefits.
  • Bonus Winnings: The no deposit bonus isn’t like a free trial. You will get a chance here to win real money through playing. Thus, you should play carefully.

How Casinos Benefit

Now let’s see these bonuses from the casino’s perspective. They too get a few benefits from them, such as:

  • Attract New Players: The no deposit bonus is what attracts the most players towards any casino platform. As they know they can enjoy the games without any investment, they are more likely to try them out.
  • Beat Competitors: For any business, it is crucial to stand out in the market. These bonuses help online casinos with the same factor.
  • Keep on Players: If a player leaves the platform, the casino can attract them back by providing them with free benefits. So even the existing players don’t leave the site.

Welcome Bonus or No Deposit Bonus, What to Choose?

The ‘Welcome Bonus’ and the ‘No Deposit Bonus’ can be too confusing on any online casino. Therefore, we will compare the two here with the help of some vital factors so that you will know which one to choose.

Feature Welcome Bonus No Deposit Bonus
Free Gameplay Not Available Available
Deposit Bonus Available Not Available
Free Spins Available Available
For New Players Available Available
For Existing Players Not Available Available

How to Claim a Free No Deposit Bonus

If you are new to online casinos, you may get stuck while claiming the free no deposit bonus. However, you shouldn’t miss out on such a fantastic opportunity just because of a minor mistake. Hence, we have brought here a step-by-step guide for your assistance.

  • Step 1: Look for a Casino. The very first step is to find a casino that offers no deposit bonus. You can also go through our recommendations and pick one from them. Otherwise, you can conduct your own research to find a suitable online casino where you will find the required bonus.
  • Step 2: Register. Once you have found that perfect website to begin with, you can move on to registration. Usually, no casino provides a bonus to players who don’t signup on their platform. So you will have to give your details to them and create an account.
  • Step 3: Bonus Code. You may require this while signing up or after that. Most casinos provide the no deposit bonus code up-front. But if you can’t find it anywhere on the site, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service team. They will assist you with the same. After entering the code, you will get the bonus amount in your casino account. You can then enjoy playing with it. The only factor you shouldn’t forget here is to read the terms and conditions.

Pay Attention to No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

It is often seen that players get so overwhelmed with the bonus that they forget to check the associated terms and conditions. However, you shouldn’t make this mistake. It is exceptionally crucial to pay attention to these details because they tell you all the hidden information about the bonus. Therefore, you don’t end up getting stuck with the wrong or lesser benefits. Some of the aspects of these terms and conditions are:

  • Wagering Requirement: Every casino puts in some basic betting requirements to profit from your bonus amount. You can’t withdraw your winnings from the scheme money until you fulfil, these conditions. These are generally the number or amount of bets you have to place before taking out the bonus money.
  • Maximum Win: To ensure that you don’t end up winning a jackpot with the free benefit, casinos restrict the winning amount. It means you will have to stop wagering further once you reach this limit. You will then have to deposit real money to continue playing your favourite games. So before getting surprised with the bonus amount, you must check this factor to see how much you can make from that benefit.
  • Restricted Casino Games: Casinos don’t open up just any game to play with the no deposit bonus. There is a limited number of games you can try your hands on. It is crucial that you go through the eligible games’ list to examine the kinds you can play. For example, the bonus won’t benefit you if it allows playing blackjack with it while you like roulette.
  • Validity Period: Some no deposit bonuses come with a validity period. You need to use the amount or the benefit under this duration only. Otherwise, it will merely go to waste, and you won’t be able to bring it back. Thus, it is better to use perks as soon as possible.

No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

No deposit bonuses can become quite confusing if you don’t read their terms and conditions. The trickiest part here can be the wagering requirements. Casino platforms mostly observe that players get stuck with these conditions. To help you understand the concept of wagering requirements, we have brought here some aspects of it. These include:

  1. “One Bonus Per Player” Policy: According to this, you can’t use the same code repeatedly to get the free bonus. If casinos don’t keep this policy, every player will overuse the prize and take unfair advantage of it. So one player can only use the bonus once. Even if they try to use it again, the code won’t work.
  2. “Maximum Converted Value” Rule: The casinos usually keep their wagering requirements high for the no deposit bonus. You will realise that most of the amount gets over by the time you meet these conditions. But even when you manage to get to the required wagers, you will only be able to convert only a certain amount of winnings into real money.
  3. “Maximum Allowed Bet” Rule: You must not miss out on this factor. Casinos sometimes refuse to pay the bonus winnings saying that you didn’t follow the maximum allowed bet rule. If you wish to get your money out, you should look out for this aspect.
  4. “Make a Deposit Before Cashing Out” Rule: Under this, you will have to make your first deposit before taking out the winning money. Casinos do this for a couple of reasons:
  5. To verify that a player is genuine and wasn’t just exploiting the benefit.
  6. To keep the player sticking around for long as they have some money in their casino account.

The Most Popular Games to Play With No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos usually promote certain games on their platforms. They do this by making these games more beneficial regarding the wagering requirements of the no deposit bonus. The first name that comes here is the slot. Most casinos want their players to use their entire bonus amount on slots. While you may be able to play other games as well, you won’t be able to make much out of them.

We will take an example here to understand this better. Suppose you register at a casino and get the no deposit bonus in your account. Now, if you play on slots, the bet percentage contributing to your wagering requirements will be high, 100%. So when you bet for $50, the entire amount will get counted as wagered.

On the other hand, you will get a lower percentage of contribution through any other games. So when you put $100 on roulette, it is possible that only $20 or even $10 of them may get counted as wagered. The rest amount will go to waste. This way, you will only end up playing slots as they will make meeting conditions more convenient.


We hope all this information made the concept of no deposit bonuses clear to you. These promotional offers are incredibly beneficial when you don’t want to risk your money and get the most out of playing. Hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try them out. The only factor you need to remember here is the terms and conditions. Some casinos mislead their players by advertising huge benefits. As soon as you signup on the platform, you realise they don’t offer many perks under the bonus. Due to this, it is always beneficial to read the requirements and remain careful before providing your data to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a casino no deposit bonus multiple times?

The no deposit bonus comes with a “One Bonus Per Player” policy. It means a single player can only claim the prize once. However, if you are lucky enough, you may get another no deposit bonus after playing regularly on the site.

Can you withdraw the casino’s no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw deposit bonuses. But most casinos associate the reward with some wagering requirements that you have to meet before taking out the money. So do check their terms before trying out.

How often do casinos release new no deposit bonuses?

Casinos mostly keep their no deposit bonuses fixed for new players. Plus, there are fewer chances for existing players to get this benefit. In short, these bonuses don’t get released much often.

Can I activate the casino bonus with my smartphone?

Yes, you can. Several casinos promote the use of their smartphone apps. Therefore, you can find more beneficial no deposit bonuses on smartphones.

Are no deposit bonuses free for real?

If you look through the broader view, then yes, no deposit bonuses are free for real. But as you move closer, you will notice specific terms associated with them. Still, you may not need to spend any real money to use the benefits.

Do I need card details to get a no deposit casino bonus?

As these bonuses don’t require deposits, so you can get them without card details.