Pharaoh Slot

The leading software developer, Inspired Gaming, brings to you the latest take on Egyptian slot games in the Pharaoh slot. It is a 5-reel and 4-row slot with 20 paylines. It gives plenty of chances of winning lots of money. Moreover, the Pharaoh slot game has a Pharaoh wild symbol that can make winning combinations easier. Furthermore, the Pharaoh online slot machine has an RTP value of 95%. Thus, you have decent chances of winning cash in your account. The Pharaoh online slot includes high-paying symbols. So, hitting them gives chances of taking home a significant prize.

Moreover, there is also another pyramid puzzle bonus where you can climb the ladder to get several bonus wins. So if you want big prizes in the slot machine Pharaoh, then it is recommended you read this Pharaoh slot review. It can help you decide if the slot is worth gaming too.

Pharaoh Slot Machine Inspired Gaming

Pharaoh Slot: How Does It Look Like?

Although there are numerous slots with an Egyptian theme, the Pharaoh casino game is unique because of the feature-rich gameplay. The gaming operator Inspired Gaming has added many new features to the ancient theme. So you will come across several new symbols like the Book of Horus and the golden pendant. In the background of the reels, you will see pillars of the pyramid set in the sandy mountains of Egypt. Moreover, sound effects help transport you to the ancient Egyptian world. You can play the Pharaoh slot online for free without risking your money. Thus, you will not only know the basic features of the Pharaoh free online slot but will also enjoy risk-free gameplay.

Moreover, if you play Pharaoh slot game in any online casino, you have lots of chances of getting winning streaks. You secure a winning combo when at least 3 identical symbols land on a payline. In the case of high-paying symbols, it requires just two. Moreover, you can also activate the Fortune Bet option to increase your chances of hitting the bonus entry prize. Another special feature of the Pharaoh slot is that it is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices. Thus you can easily enjoy gambling on your smartphone in both the demo version and the full one.

It also has a special feature called the bet recovery, which is an added boon for online casino players. Internet connection problems can result in session termination. However, the Pharaoh Slot game has the best recovery option where you can recover your past winnings easily.

Special Bonus Pharaoh Spins, Reel Modifiers, Wild Symbols and Pyramid of Puzzles

Pharaoh Slot Machine Bonus Game Inspired Gaming

Although you can play Pharaoh slot online for free, you will not win any money in the demo version. So if you want to enjoy all the special bonus features, then you have to play the slot with money. The slot has numerous bonus rounds like the Pharaoh spins and wild spins that can award you lots of cash. You will get to know all the special features of the gameplay in the next section.

  • Wild Symbol. The β€œwild” sign is the wild symbol for this slot. If you can get the wild symbol, it will substitute another symbol. So, a winning combination can be completed. Moreover, the wild symbol also has a payout value, so it can also add to your total wins. However, the wild symbol cannot substitute the bonus symbol.
  • Bonus Symbol. There is a special bonus Pharaoh symbol in the slot. If you can get 3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 4 it will unlock the bonus feature.
  • Bonus Entry Feature. Three bonus symbols will activate this round. Thus, you will be given dice and a map of ancient monuments. Your mission is to get one of the 3 bonus features. So your game will start at the middle monument at the lower end, and you have to gradually rise to the top. If you land on an empty monument, then you will have to roll the dice again. Moreover, if you can land on the arrows, then you will move swiftly to the middle. You will get the bonus prizes in cash or coins if you can reach the special monuments.
  • Pyramid of Prizes. In this special round, you have to ascend the staircase of prizes by using the β€˜Stop’ button. It will stop the selector on a value or arrow, and the value will be added to your total wins. Thus, you can get a lot of coins in this way, but if you land on β€˜Collect’, then it will end this round. So, if you can reach the top, then it will activate the Pharaoh Spins or Pharaoh Wild spins.
  • Pharaoh Spins. In this special round, you will get a huge wheel, and you can unlock free spins, multipliers, and wild substitutions. On spinning the wheel, if you get the multiplier, then it will multiply all your previous wins. Moreover, if you get the wild substitution, then it will replace all the selected symbols with the Wild symbol. You can also increase the number of free spins or multipliers by spinning the wheel again. So after a particular part is selected, the wheel will stop, and you will get the free spins. Thus, the Pharaoh Spin round is great for making some money in gambling.
  • Pharaoh Wild Spins. You can also unlock the Pharaoh wild spins in the pyramid of puzzles. Thus, you will get 4 Pharaoh wild spins, and it will place 2 wilds per spin on the reels. These wild Pharaohs will remain on the screen till the next spin but can change their positions.
  • Reel Modifiers. The Pharaoh slot also has reel modifiers that can fetch you extra symbols. The Pharaoh will come to the main screen and unravel an ancient scroll. Thus, it will activate any of the following 3 special reel modifiers.
  • Super Bonus Reels. You will get an increased amount of Bonus symbols for one spin, and it will increase your chances of getting the bonus entry feature.
  • Wild Winner. This will place an increased number of wilds on the reels for one spin. Moreover, it guarantees a win of at least 6 times your previous stake amount.
  • Win Streak. This will award you several consecutive winning spins.
  • Fortune Bet. If you select the fortune bet, it will double the size of bonus symbols, which will increase your chances of getting the bonus entry feature. However, if you activate the fortune bet, it will increase the total bet by 50%.
  • Bet Recovery. If you face some problems while playing the Pharaoh slot and the game terminates, you can recover your previous gameplay. Thus, you will never have to face losses due to bad internet coverage. However, the free Pharaoh slot machine online does not have this feature.

What Are the Winning Chances?

The RTP calculates the probability of getting a win. Thus if you play a slot game that has low RTP, then you have lower chances of getting wins. However, since the RTP of the Pharaoh slot is 95%, you have numerous chances of making money.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Reel modifiers No jackpots
Bonus entry feature Low graphic quality
Pharaoh spins
Bet recovery

There are several advantages of the Pharaoh slot. It has reel modifiers that can award you special prizes. You can also take full advantage of the bonus entry feature to get bonus prizes along with Pharaoh spins. The bet recovery feature is another added benefit. However, there is no jackpot round in the slot. But there is nothing to worry about as there are many other bonus rounds to make gaming unforgettable.

Final Thoughts

The Pharaoh slot by Inspired Gaming has a modern take on the ancient Egypt-themed slots. Although it has 5 reels and 4 rows, there are 20 paylines for placing large bets along with reel modifiers. At any normal spin, the Pharaoh can come to the screen to award you special bonus wilds and winning streaks. Moreover, there are also many rounds to get free spins which can add a lot to your payout amount. Furthermore, you can play the free online Pharaoh slot machine without investing your hard-earned money. So you can check the basic features without risking your deposits. You can also play the Pharaoh slot on several mobile devices. Many operators make it available on their apps. So try your luck in the Pharaoh casino game and see if you can win loads of real money.


  • What are the key features of the Pharaoh slot game?

Pharaoh spins, reel modifiers, bonus entry features are the key features of the Pharaoh slot.

  • What is the RTP of the Pharaoh slot?

The Pharaoh slot has an RTP of 95%.

  • Can I play the Pharaoh slot for real money?

Yes, you can play the Pharaoh slot for real money after you create an account in an online casino. Then deposit money and place a bet of your choice.

  • Which bonus is available in the Pharaoh slot game?

The bonus entry feature is the game’s forte.

  • Where can I play the Pharaoh slot game?

You can play the Pharaoh slot game in an online casino that offers slot games by Inspired Gaming. Check if the dealer is licensed. Thus, you will be sure playing casino games is safe.