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Video slot machines are perhaps one of the most popular forms of online gambling there is in the industry. The idea behind a video slot machine is to be the next step in evolving slot machines altogether. It is to capture the essence of this type of free slots entertainment and place it into the hands of players in their very own living rooms. They are designed to add new slots features to the games that could not be found anywhere else. What is more is that they can be designed to play video slots for free. No real money has to be acquired for the slots at all.The very first example of a video slot machine was first developed in 1976. Using a modified Sony TV set, the developer in California, Fortune Coin, used the display as the main screen for the slot. It was instead of using a mechanical reel. They became hugely popular in the Las Vegas poker strip. To the point that from the 1990’s and onwards, developers would move the industry online and add in more complex functions. WMS Industries were the first to develop a completely online video slot. It utilised a second screen function that could award extra bonuses to the players. A trend that has been continued and developed by every other content creator in the industry.

Best Free Video Slots in 2020

What Are Video Slots?

A video slot is fundamentally games that are played on a screen. At its basis, you turn on the slots games and play by clicking or selecting options on this screen. This can be things such as spinning the reels or adjusting your betting price. Normally in a regular slot machine before this, you would insert your physical coins in manually. In a video slot, you pay by other means such as online banking. Virtual money to bet with instead of your own money come straight from your own wallet. Winning the payouts will be awarded in a pot that you can withdraw, instead of it being collected from a container that the money pours out of in classic slots. Withdrawal time is slower though.Another way you can tell you are playing casino video slots is from the screen itself. Almost none of the slots real or physical can be edited the way you want as a player. You can adjust the slots to full screen, taking over the monitor of your entire PC or laptop. It’s not just the reel, but the buttons themselves. All of the tools and functions will be entirely digital. Apart from pressing a physical button to turn on your computer setup, everything else about the game will be interacted within the slot machine. It includes accessing the main menu page to view the slots paytable and all of the instructions on how to play games.

Why Play Video Slots for Fun?

Free video slots no download is one of the best parts of online video slots. You can gain access to the entire game without having to use any real money. Many of the free slots video games can be accessed directly from the official website of the one who made it. Or you can access free video slots with bonus games on review pages like this one. A bonus can prove to be incredibly entertaining to simply just play for fun. So you don’t have to panic about making your money back or worrying if you need to make a profit. Just sit back and relax. Here are a few beneficial updates of the free version of video slots:

  • Almost no deposit has to be made for it to be playable. This means that no money has to be spent and no financial details need to be given. The games give you free tokens to play with instead. These can be refilled completely simply by just turning the slot on and off again.
  • Instant play means you can gain access to the slot incredibly easy. You won’t have to suffer from any download times or go through any third-party sources. Just load up the game and start playing with no issues.
  • Playing without registration means that you don’t have to sign up for anything just to gain access. The free demo can be played at any time and is not directly connected to any casino. No walls will keep it away and no personal details need to be given in exchange.
  • No download times can be a huge high bonus for those that just want to get stuck in. Downloading time can be a real buzzkill for players that get excited.

Free Video Slots Bonuses

Many kinds of bonuses were developed for video slots. Some slots are even still in development today. New ways to play free canadian online slots and new ways to win money. It is all thanks to the software providers that work hard to make them as interactive as possible. Here are a couple of great examples:

  • Wild symbol – A powerful symbol that is the main thread of a video slot. It is used to substitute any other symbol in the game apart from special symbols. It can fill in gaps for possible combinations. Some other features can be attached to it too. Sticky Wilds remain in place for the next spin and Expanding Wilds can cover multiple segments of the reels.
  • Scatter symbol – A special symbol that can offer to create multiple opportunities. They can land a payout without having to land in a combination, hence the name. Primarily, they will have special bonuses attached to them if you land three or more of them, sometimes it will be to win free spins. Sometimes it will be free spins with multipliers. Even bonus mini games can be unlocked from the Scatter, where an extra quick level must be played.
  • Gamble Feature – A feature that can offer you to bet your win further. You can double them or quadruple them by playing a guessing game. Guess the correct card suit for a 4x multiplier. Guess either red or black for a double multiplier.
  • Jackpot – A jackpot feature can be used to offer you a massive prize. It can be a feature that is available at random or by fulfilling certain requirements.

How to Keep Video Slots Gaming Fun?

The best way to understand video slots online is to explore the vast different genres that they have divided into. A ton of video slots have been made with particular themes in mind. Some of which can be traced back to traditional slot machines. Egyptian, Greek, Gods, Chinese and others are all background for riveting games to be made. Some will also have different features connected to games that are easier for some but harder for others. Find the video slot that is best suited for you.You can do this by finding a list of recommended casinos that have games you like available. Trusted casinos should be properly licensed and supervised with the right privacy policy. If you don’t wish to make a commitment to a casino so soon, you can also try the demos. The free video slots are there to help you practise with the game first to gain experience. Learn how video slots machines work and see what is the most enjoyable part for you. Test your slot strategy and uncover your own play style. It is all about experimenting with what works best for you. Since video slots are so varied, you will be spoilt for choices.

Video Slots FAQ

  • How do I choose a good video slot?Play the free version to see what your initial thoughts are. Visit the website of software developers to see what their games are all about. Find the best video slot for you. For mobile slots, you can download the mobile app versions.
  • How to use bonus in video slots?This is mainly activated by special symbols. Read the slot’s rules to learn how to unlock special features.
  • Is it safe to play video slots for real money?So long as the casino is properly licensed by an official license dealer, it is safe to play. Your financial information is protected and secure.
  • Can I get free spins for video slots?This is unlocked mainly through the Scatter symbol. Landing three or more of them will result in a number of free spins offers. A casino may offer them in a welcome package for specific games.
  • Do I need to sign up to acquire bonuses for video slots?Most online casinos will include special promotions for when you register and make your first deposits.


Video slots have formed the most revenue than any other outlet in online gambling. They are making companies billions of Canadian dollars in just this country alone. All over the world, they are being celebrated as great strides in online entertainment. More of them are becoming more diverse and colourful to the point that they outshine other forms of online fun. Whether you are playing for free or you are enjoying the game for real money, a video slot is fun either way. Thousands have been made to pursue interests of many kinds of players. All that it takes is just the one free demo play and a single deposit to see what the excitement is all about.